End of Beta Mode, First Map Information


By Selectaa 6 August 2018 12:04

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Hello everyone,

As I'm sure you've heard, our beta map is coming to an end! This means that the first actual SkyMania skyblock map will be releasing! And yes, we have a date!

Wednesday 8th August 2018

The beta map will be up and running until this day. The server will be down for some time during the day for us to get the new map ready for you guys! Once we've got it all sorted we will open the server and you can all get started on your new islands!

Beware everything is resetting! (Islands, Inventories, Enderchests, Money, mcMMO, Skulls). However *YOU WILL KEEP ANYTHING PERMISSION BASED*! If you do not understand what this means, it means that anything such as a rank, fly, jelly legs, special kits will NOT reset and you WILL have them for the next map!

The Island Top rewards for the beta map will be given out either today or tomorrow. To claim your reward you must DM me (Selectaa#9557) on Discord and I will provide you with the information on how to claim your store credit! That all being said, let's find out who the island top winners were for our very first beta map!

Island Top Winners [Beta Map 1]

1. SkyMania - [Team Members: _Jkzsells_, Sitren]
2. FqllenHuman - [Team Members: DefaultDance, FqllenHuman, Unsavable, Baldest, Not_ItzEmerald]
3. Comedic_Cows_YT - [Team Members: SquidneyD03, Comedic_Cows_YT]

Map 1 Information

There are multiple updates rolling out for the first map. Due to some personal reasons, updates & development in the first 4 days may be slow, however after this we will be pumping out weekly updates for all you guys!


Cavern is new concept that I'm really excited to bring to the server! More info can be found when the map is released by typing /cavern! Below is a sneakpeak of the Cavern in action!


New Custom Enchants
Multiple new custom enchants will be added at the start of the map. On top of this, new custom enchants will be added weekly!

New Crate
The Divine Crate is the new crate added to the server! It is a tier above the Mystic crate, making it nearly the best openable on the server other than the Care Packages!

New Special Kits
New Special Kits are being added and will be obtainable in the new crates, care packages and in the Cavern!

Improved Anti-Cheat System
Our anti-cheat system has been improved and should hopefully help automatically deal with hackers!

New Tags
A range of new tags have been added in the tags GUI.

More Island Presets
A larger range of preset islands will be available to choose from when first creating your island!

New Spawn
A brand new spawn area has been built for our next map!

Island Top Rewards
Due to the server no longer being in beta, our island top rewards have increased! However due to revenue the server generates, as this period in time we are unable to give our island top rewards as PayPal money, and instead will be giving them as credit on our Buycraft store. However, with your support we can change this to give more of an incentive to play by giving PayPal rewards, but as previously mentioned this will not be possible without continued support on our server store (PLEASE do not feel obliged to purchase a package if you do not want to. Our server is FREE to play and purchasing packages is completely optional). This maps island top rewards will be:

First Place - $150 Buycraft
Second Place - $75 Buycraft
Third Place - $50 Buycraft

(Rewards are split between island members!)

I would also just like to congratulate and welcome our 2 new Helpers, Unsavable and Sitren! They're our first staff members on the server other than the management team, so we're excited to see how this all goes!

See you guys on the server!


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