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By Savable 27 July 2018 13:37

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Hey, guys, it's me Unsavable and all I'm asking is for you to take 10 minutes from your day to read this post on the Custom Enchant Plugin, SkyEnchants. Currently, we have a grand total of 19 custom enchants, out of those four are common, 10 are rare and 5 are godly. In my opinion not only is 19 not very many custom enchants but the distribution is totally off, with more rare enchants then there are common, and then even more godly then there is common. To top it off there is almost no enchants for tools, and axes and bows were totally ignored when it comes to combat.  For tools there are 3 excavation, smelter and Feller . My suggestion is to add more custom enchants and to even out the distribution of them, A good plugin I found that has an extensive selection has some good ones that you could add to our selection to make it a better variety and cover more stuff. … authuser=0
As things stand it takes me about 200k XP to get a complete god set just because of the lack of enchants. Anyways thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave your idea's below for more custom enchants you would like to see added. Until next time, Unsavable

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By Selectaa 27 July 2018 13:40

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Thanks for the suggestion! Don’t worry, for the start of the first SkyMania non-beta map we will have added many more custom enchants. More enchants for tools, and a enchant trading system will be implemented.

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