Map 3 Payout's & Some Map 4 Information


By Selectaa 1 December 2018 16:45

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Hello everyone,

As you all know it's approaching that time of the month where the best islands receive a reward for their dedication to the server!

The island top & voting top payout will be on the:

Monday 3rd December

The payouts are as follows:
1st Place - $300 Buycraft
2nd Place - $175 Buycraft
3rd Place - $100 Buycraft

Payouts will be split evenly between all island members!

Subsequently, the map will be closing on Wednesday the 5th, as we feel there is no point leaving the server online if no one is going to play, additionally allowing us to setup the server on our live public server early will mean less bugs, and overall a more smooth release.

The date of map 3 release will be:
Saturday 8th December 2PM EST

A post with more details regarding the reset will be coming in the course of this week.

We will possibly be getting a trailer made for our 4th map, and as a result we will be rewarding people who upload the trailer on their YouTube channel! (This still needs to be confirmed, so keep an eye on the Discord)

Make sure you tell your friends about SkyMania Map 4 & if you haven't joined the Discord already make sure to do so!

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