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By Selectaa 1 November 2018 21:16

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Hello everyone,

Hope your'e all having a great day, you are looking forward to the weekend. Fortunately, you're all in luck, as map 3 will be releasing this weekend!

The offical date & time for the release of SkyMania map 3 is:

Saturday 3rd November - 2PM EST

Information on the island top prizes will be coming in the next few days, as well as the voting top prize and also a new leaderboard prize that is going to be introduced (a leak to what this is can be found on my Twitter! 😋)!

We have a few game changing updates that are coming in for the new map. Not all of the updates are going to be implemented to start with, however I will specify below which of those will be included at the beginning of the map.


IS Top & Island Worth
IS Top now has a new in-depth GUI containing information about islands spawners, and expensive block values. Islands will now also be ranked according to ISLAND WORTH as opposed to island level. This means it is a much more fair system based around spawners & farming instead of just block placing! In addition to this, you will now also be able to stack valuable blocks on your island, meaning you can save lots of space!

Crates now open using a different animation and only contain 1 reward, however chances of rarer items have been buffed to even it out.

Lucky Blocks
A SkyMania twist on Lucky Blocks will be released a few days into the map!

Flares are a new openable that fall from the sky and drop many rewards. Flares will be added later in the map, and will NOT be there at the start.

Spawner stacking is back, however it has been optimized. Spawner upgrades have also returned, however they are now different. Spawners can be upgraded to have different mob drops, depending on the mob type of the spawner.

New Rank
There is a new TOP rank on the server, which contains cool new perks such as no island hopper limit, more perks of the rank can be viewed at the store (Not yet released).

New Care Package
The Winter Care Package will be released, and will contain OP items and a chance to win the brand NEW TOP rank as your final item!

Battlepasses have been added, so get ready to grind and level up the through the tiers to claim some OP & exclusive prizes!

There is also some minor bug fixed and gameplay changes that have been added, but will not be listed in this post.

If you're looking to find out more, or want to see exclusive sneakpeeks, join our Discord ( or follow the SkyMania Twitter (@SkyManiaco) as well as my personal Twitter (@SelectaaMC) to see content early!

Can't wait to see you guys on the weekend,

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