New Forums and Server Update!


By Selectaa 19 July 2018 13:38

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Hi guys,

As you can most likely see, our new forums are up and running! Feel free to make an account and come and say hi! The forums will be continued to be worked on, as they are not 100% finished yet! All ban appeals, server bug reports and staff applications will now be done on the forums.

Server Update

   Care Packages
   Care Packages are a new type of crate which contains insanely OP loot with much better chances than regular crates. The Summer Carepackage has now been released and
   can be unlocked at the store:
   The Summer Care Package contains the following items:

   Sell Wands
   Sell Wands have been added to the server, They are obtainable from the store, crates, boss loot and care packages. Which you click on a chest with a sell wand in your
   hand you will sell all items in the chest.


   Harvester Hoes
   Harvester Hoes allow you to break sugar cane without having the sugar cane go all over the floor! If you break sugar cane with the hoe in your hand it will go straight into
   your inventory, making the farming of sugar cane much easier! Harvester Hoes will also be available in crates, as boot loot and in care packages.


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