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By Selectaa 21 September 2018 13:04

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Hello everyone,

It's the post you've all been waiting for! Ok so now we originally planned for the reset to be today, however due to some personal reasons, and also in order for us to fully finalize the server and make it the best we can for you guys, we're delaying the opening of the next map until tomorrow Saturday 22nd Septemer. We want the server to be in it's best state possible when we release for you guys, and we unfortunately need an extra day to do this.

The current map will be closing today and the server will be in Maintenance mode until the release. The official time and date for SkyMania Map 2 is:

2PM EST Saturday 22nd September 2018

There will also be a 75% FLASH Reset Sale ending on Monday!

As well as all the new features and updates we've added for this map, we will also be updating it weekly, and sometimes even more frequently! We have several new ideas in the workings now that will be added during the duration of the new map.

A post detailing the IS Top & Voting Top rewards for this map will be made a few days into the map.

Just in case you don't know, here is what is resetting: Islands, Inventories, Enderchests, Backpacks, Balance, mcMMO, Combat Levels.
You will KEEP: Ranks, Special Kits, Perks (Such as /fix all, /sell all, /fly), Name Colors, Tags, Trails

We have added lots of bug fixes and new additions to the server. Now there is a lot to list so not all will be features in this post, but here are some of our more outstanding ones:

New Questing System

The Questing system has changed slightly. While you would still complete Quests in the same way to acquire Quest Points, you will be allocated only ONE Quest every 12 hours. Opening the Quest GUI will look the same, but clicking on the new Quest icon will play an animation and roll a random Quest for you to complete! In order to get a new Quest, you must complete the current Quest you have assigned.

Hopper Changes

Hoppers are now uncraftable to make them harder to obtain on the server. Hoppers are now available in the shop to purchase with in-game money, or if you have a rank, you can purchase hoppers for a discounted price in the new Rank Shop.

Each island will also have a hopper limit, this is 200 default. The hopper count on your island can be viewed with /hoppercount. It is possible to upgrade your hopper limit by purchasing a hopper limit expansion on the store, Skull Shop, or by winning it as a prize in an openable.


We have a brand new mini-game called CaptureTheCore. When the event starts it will broadcasted to all players in the chat. Players will then have to travel to the Arena and find the Core. The objective of the game is to mine the Core 75 times to win the event, however PvP is enabled in this Area so watch out for other players trying to kill you while you are destroying the core!

Island Changes

There is now a NEW custom /is GUI, so each time you open the island control panel you will be presented with our much nicer, custom one! On top of this, there is now also island upgrades. All islands will start at the default size of 150x150, however by typing /is upgrade you can upgrade your island size for in-game currency.


SkyLord and SkyGod ranks also will have access to invite more players than default (5) to their island, more information can be found on the store (

Island level values of blocks can also now be viewed by typing /is value.

There is also now more island presets when you first create your island on the server.

Enchants Changes

There has been a few minor updates with enchants. There has been new enchants added to the server, as well as a change to the Enchanter GUI.

By typing /tinkerer, you will now be able to access the NEW Tinkerer, which lets you trade your unwanted enchant gems for EXP.

There is also the NEW Blacksmith added to the server, which can be accessed using /blacksmith. The Blacksmith will let you combine two of the same enchant for a small EXP cost.


Backpacks have been updates to no longer drop on death. Backpacks now are also counted as whole slots (Similar to PlayerVaults). Players who previously had Backpack rows will now get a slot for each row they had. Below is a preview of the new Backpack GUI:

Below is a list of smaller additions to the server that don't require detailing:

  • Leaderboard GUI (/leaderboard)
  • Voting Top GUI (/vote top)
  • Bounties
  • Ghast Spawners Drop Diamonds
  • Removed Spawner Upgrades
  • Stacked Spawners
  • More Special Kits
  • Auto Sell Harvester Hoes
  • Sell Wand boosters for SkyLord and SkyGods
  • Exclusive Rank Shop for players with Ranks
  • Iron Golem Poppy Drops Removed
  • Kit GUI
  • New Spawn and Warp Arena
  • New Care Package [Coming Soon]
  • Chat Games
  • In-Game ticket system that sends ticket to Staff on Discord
  • Warp GUI
  • % chances edited in multiple plugins to create more fair economy
  • New additions to Quest Shop & Skull Shop
  • Updated KoTH Loot

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