Updates and some IS Top Information!


By Selectaa 23 August 2018 16:28

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Hello everyone,

Before I start I just want to let everyone know the Island Top Rewards will be drawn on 31st August at 10AM EST. I am aware this may be early for some players however I am in the GMT timezone and have stuff to do that day so prepare your islands the night before!

Today I bring you some new updates. Some of these are on the server already, some will be coming later today. Anyway, here is a list and a preview of them 😁!


There is a new "Witch Doctor" boss that can be found in crates and on the store. The boss is a higher damage tier than the NetherJockey, but will drop slightly better loot!

Special Kits

There is a new CRATE Special Kit obtainable exclusively through the new Witch Doctor! Will you be lucky enough to get this OP Special Kit? To see the contents of the kit, type /skit in-game and right click!

Baltop GUI

As I'm sure many of you have seen there is now also a baltop GUI on the server!

Daily Rewards

There is a new Daily Rewards system that I have developed that is going to be implemented! As the title suggests, you will be able to claim a FREE reward every day. However, claim this reward daily for 7 days in a row and you will unlock a weekly reward with better loot than the daily rewards!

Below is a preview of the GUI:

Minor Changes

  • Villagers Now Drop Emeralds
  • A /discord command has been added to view the Discord link
  • New Tags, can be viewed in /tags
  • Discord now has !invites command to view your invites. More invite rewards coming soon
  • Flying is disabled in the arena
  • Island level displayed before name in chat

Contact Me

Discord: Selectaa#9557
Telegram: @Selectaa